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Among the infant preparation, partial vegetal protein hydrolysates represent one of the best alternatives in the case of weaning in order answer to allergy and intolerance issues in early childhood.

This alternative is now possible in organic farming with our Bébé MANDORLE range – organic rice protein partial hydrolysate based. As the production process being essential for preserving the nutrients, our Bébé MANDORLE range has also been created with a cold treatment. This has enabled us to choose high quality oils and not to overdose the micronutrients as it is the case in atomization due to the loss on high temperature process of the latter.

Organic Bébé MANDORLE range is totally innovative and particularly interesting for young children from birth to three years. It offers large answers in terms of formulation, process, tolerances, and nutrition guarantees. This range is in line with La Mandorle objectives as well as with the public health context where allergies and intolerances are increasing.

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