Innovation Bebe MANDORLE 

LA MANDORLE has been manufacturing vegetal milk and gluten free drinks and brekfast preparations for over 25 years. In partnership with a major research and development laboratory and with the support of the Ministry of Research LA MANDORLE has developed a patented process, to this day still unequalled, to produce instant drinks which are innovative and rich in nutrients.

Concerned about the problems of allergies and intolerance to milk and gluten LA MANDORLE has always aimed at developing innovative nutritional alternatives.

The Bebe MANDORLE range of infant formulas is the result of many years of field work, listening to parents, working with health professionals and in partnership with research and development laboratories concerned about the nutritional impact, and establishing contacts with suppliers selected according to strict requirements.

Micro Encapsulation à Froid - Procédé Bébé MANDORLEThis range of infant formulas presents several innovative aspects:
- The development of a partial hydrolysate of 100% organic rice proteins obtained naturally thanks to a mild enzyme process

- Unique products which are organic vegetal/non-dairy, made with selected ingredients, and which respect young children's physiology:
  • Without milk or dairy products, without gluten, soya, palm oil or peanut or trans fatty acids
  • With cold pressed virgin oils
  • With natural nutritional supplements

- A unique manufacturing process preserving the nutrients and drying under controlled temperature.

Proprietary Treatment

Le procédé de fabrication étant aussi important que la composition pour l'intérêt nutritionnel du produit, une attention particulière a été portée sur les spécificités des technicités industrielles.

Pour un meilleur respect des nutriments, le procédé de fabrication utilisé est un traitement exclusif à froid totalement innovant dans le domaine des poudres instantanées.